As a not-for-profit community organisation we rely on donations so we can do good in the whole community.

We provide a safe and anonymous way for the public to play a key role in solving crime via our online report form or the telephone hotline (1800 333 000), as well as other community initiatives.

Your donation will go towards setting up a crime prevention centre in our website, helping to reduce and prevent criminal and suspicious behaviour in Western Australia.

Just as every piece of information can help solve crime, every dollar donated can make a difference.

Better yet, Crime Stoppers WA Ltd (ACN 067 632 651) is officially approved by the Commonwealth Government as a charity, so all donations are tax deductible.

There are several ways that you can make a financial contribution to Crime Stoppers WA, including:

Make a donation

You can choose whether you’d prefer to donate once or make an ongoing commitment to donate to Crime Stoppers WA weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Can you spare $5 a week? That’s the equivalent of just one coffee each week.

What about $10 a week, or $20?

You can make your donation via direct debit using the following details:

Name of account: Crime Stoppers Western Australia

Bank: Westpac Bank

BSB: 036016

Account: 145356

Celebrate in our name

What about asking for donations to Crime Stoppers WA instead of gifts for your next birthday or Christmas? You’ll get a warm feeling of achievement while helping to fund our community initiatives.

If you’re getting married but you’ve already got a house full of gadgets and gizmos why not ask your guests to make a donation to us in your name instead of receiving gifts?

Together, we can give the gift of a safer WA for everyone.

Leave a gift in your will

Providing us with a gift in your will is a significant way to leave a legacy that will make a lasting difference to the WA community for future generations.

You’re invited to talk with our Chief Executive Officer, Kim Harrison, to find out how easy it is to include Crime Stoppers WA in your will and therefore continue making a contribution to the people of WA. You can call him on 0419 855 841 to discuss.