Property crime is one of the most common crimes in Australia.

It relates to the damage or destruction of homes, businesses and land as well as the theft of vehicles and household burglary.

Property crime includes arson, and there is often a link between property crime and drugs and alcohol.

Graffiti (referred to in the Anti-social behaviour section) costs the Western Australian community around $30 million a year in removal and prevention strategies.

Property damage

Damage is doing or not doing an act with the aim of destroying or damaging property without the consent of the owner. It excludes graffiti.

If the property is destroyed or damaged by means other than fire then the offender could be imprisoned for up to 14 years and fined up to $36,000.


Wilfully and unlawfully destroying or damaging property by using fire, including buildings, dwellings, bushland, crops or vehicles.

Anyone who commits arson could face up to life imprisonment.